The Swedish Medal Company, Svenska Medalj AB, is as the name implies firmly rooted in a tradition of making artful creations in medal form. We design and produce medals in our factory in Eskilstuna, Sweden.


We divide our medals into two categories based on the production method and the materials used.

To the first category we count those medals that are made individually with high precision and time consumption per medal. They demand the highest crafting quality and are 100 % made in the finest silver or 18k gold. In most cases the templates are very old and made with the highest level of artistry and craftsmanship, which is also reflected in the price per medal.


Postal Address

Box 553, 631 07 Eskilstuna

Visiting Address

Nystrandsgatan 9, Eskilstuna


+46 16 13 73 00

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Svenska Medalj AB designs and manufactures
metal products in bronze, silver and gold!


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