One of Scandinavia's largest manufacturers of custom metal products, Svenska Medalj leans on a long tradition of delivering the highest quality - Made in Sweden.

Among other things, we produce 

medals, pins, tie pins, cufflinks*, bracelets*, keyrings, key holders, name badges, name tags, nameplates in Eskilstuna, Sweden, since 1972. We have always combined traditional engraving with modern techniques to offer incused metal articles - without ever losing sight of neither cost nor quality control.

Among our prominent customers are HRH The King of Sweden, the Nobel Foundation, Scania, McDonald's, The Swedish Ice Hockey Federation and more.

We also supply to many of the student bodies, sports societies and corporations in the country with the same mindset to offer the highest quality to all customers. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch, for further information, making orders or requests.


Welcome to us at Svenska Medalj - a proud company with a sense of tradition, quality and service.  

* Under our brand 925 STOCKHOLM we sell bracelets, tie pins and earrings
to consumers in our 
WEB SHOP and through retailers that you can find here. 





Workers who have served the Swedish national government for at least 30 years can be awarded the distinction for diligent and upright services to the kingdom, "För Nit och Redlighet i rikets tjänst", NOR.

Please Note! The medal can only be ordered by approved government authorities.

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Svenska Medalj AB translates to "The Swedish Medal Company". We do not claim to be a thousand-year-old company but we are the heirs of a thousand-year-old tradition.

Let's start at the beginning.

Göran Andersson founded Svenska Medalj in Eskilstuna, Sweden, in 1972. The production in those first years was mainly aimed at arts and investment medals in gold. At the time, it was not legal to buy unprocessed gold in Sweden, making minted medals in gold an important product.

With a widening range of machines and equipment the assortment was broadened to cufflinks, pins, keyrings, bottle openers, sports prizes etc. with everything quality crafted in the Eskilstuna factory.

In 2002 Göran decided to retire and Svenska Medalj was acquired by Boris Gyllhamn who started a digitalization of the company. He introduced a web page, new design, a web shop, an ERP system, all staples today but early and insightful then.

Svenska Myntverket & Finska Myntverket (the Swedish and Finnish mint authorities) made a bid to purchase Svenska Medalj in 2006. The two mint authorities wanted to expand their assortments to offer a complete set of metal products from Nobel medals to key holders.

Everything changed in 2008 when Finska Myntverket decided to focus on minting. Everything else was deinvested, including Svenska Medalj. That year, Erik Åberg and Bengt Qvarnström bought the company.

In 2011 the company came into its great inheritance. The Swedish mint authority, Myntverket, one of Sweden's oldest company with roots from year 995, was being decommissioned. A more than thousand year old tradition was coming to an end. The last remainsof the company was the unique and magnificent medal production with HRH The King of Sweden's medals, the Nobel medals, Illis Quorum, The Royal Patriot Society and Pro Patria. There was and a long list of societies and orders that would be left without a domestic manufacturer.

Svenska Medalj was offered to acquire Myntverket's equipment and never hesitated. In September 2011 Myntverket finally closed and Svenska Medalj assumed the responsibility for the tradition. Beside the machines, Svenska Medalj inherited the care for an immense treasure of tools and matrices, some being as old as 200 years.

In 2018 Olle Qvarnström and Robin Gustafsson acquired Svenska Medalj. Olle and his brother Niklas, for many years responsible for the most prestigious medals, became the third generation Qvarnström in the company, for the first time making the family its major owners.

That is how we pass on the thousand-year-old tradition to the generations that follow.





Postal Address

Box 553, 631 07 Eskilstuna

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Nystrandsgatan 9, Eskilstuna


Tisdagar och onsdagar: 8.30 - 16.00


+46 16 13 73 00

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Svenska Medalj AB designs and manufactures
metal products in bronze, silver and gold!


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