Medals, plaques, cups, engraved

Svenska Medalj have for many years manufactured sports prizes in Eskilstuna. Leading athletes have throughout the ages been rewarded with cups, medals, jettons and plaques in gold, silver or bronze. Be it the national sprint championships or a local carting competition.

We dare say that we master the full spectra, from the club competition to the international championship and we pay attention to the customer needs whether it is custom made medals or more standardized prizes.

Our skilled designers will gladly help designing the prizes to match your brand, your values and be attractive for the winners.

An increasingly important aspect of all material awards is that they are produced under just circumstances, with a minimal environmental footprint and not being shipped all over the planet. When the club chairman plans the championship it matters that children and adults are rewarded in a sustainable way. 

The medals and other prizes are manufactured using a number of techniques. They often have a brass core which is treated in different ways, from blasting to gilding.   

Svenska Medalj AB designs and manufactures
metal products in bronze, silver and gold!


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