Making the 2016 medal for literature - Bob Dylan

Photo: Manu Heiskanen, Svenska Medalj AB

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The Nobel prize medals are registered trademarks of The Nobel Foundation. On May 30, 2012 it was acknowledged that Svenska Medalj AB in Eskilstuna, was contracted to manufacture the five Swedish Nobel medals. Previously they were produced by Myntverket in Eskilstuna from 1902 to 2010 when Myntverket was discontinued. In 2011 the Norwegian Mint authority in Kongsberg produced all medals including the peace prize.

Each medal has a left profile of Alfred Nobel on the obverse. The medals for physics, chemistry, physiology or medicin and literature have identical obverses with Nobel's image and his dates of birth and death. The Nobel portrait is also on the peace prize medal and the prize in economic sciences medal but with a slightly different design. The laureate's name is ingraved on the edge of the medal for the prize in economic sciences.

Watch the Nobel medals being made by Niklas Qvarnström.          Recorded by SVT 2014

All medals made before 1980 were madein 23 karat gold. Since then they have been minted in 17 karat green gold, an alloy with 750 parts 24 karat gold and 250 parts fine silver. The medals are gilded with 24 karat gold. Each medal weighs 175 grams, with exception for the medal for the prize in economic sciences that weighs 185 grams. The diameter is 66 millimeters and the thickness varies between 2.4 and 5.2 millimeters.

The medal artist Erik Lindberg designed the three different medals for the prizes awarded in Sweden. Gustav Vigeland designed the peace prize medal. The Swedish medals have the inscription "Inventas vitam iuvat excoluisse per artes" on the reverse (the back of the medal), meaning happiness comes from when the inventor's deeds improve on people's lives. On the peace prize the inscription is "Pro pace et fraternitate gentium" instead, meaning for peace and fraternization between the peoples.

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