Key Rings, Key Fobs, Key Chains

Imagine for a moment the number or keys out there and the varieties of key holders with do. Place the motif on a circle, rectangle of even free form. Connect the key fob to the keyring using leather or a metal link and use both fob sides for your message.

Key chains tend to be very long lived, you probably have decades-old key fobs from old employers, gas stations or brands you've connected with at home.

The key fob designs are only limited by your imagination. Polish, blast, oxidate, cover in silver, bronze of even gild it, why not? You have a tremendous opportunity to vary your key holder to match your company or organization's brand.

Engraving opens up for additional functions, get your message through or let a possible finder know how to return the keys.

Svenska Medalj AB designs and manufactures
metal products in bronze, silver and gold!


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