Civil servants who have served in Swedish national government for at least 30 years can be awarded the medal for diligent and upright service. 
"För nit och redlighet i rikets tjänst", NOR.

PLEASE NOTE! The medal can only be ordered by an approved government authority. 

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A medal with the inscription ""Hedersbelöning för nit och redlighet i rikets tienst, translating to "Honorary reward for diligent and upright service to the kingdom" was suggested in 1803 by Generaltullarrendesocieteten as a reward for customs officers. It was approved by the King of Sweden, May 20 the same year, but the first known award was given in 1830. Back then it was a silver medal of the 8th size.

On July 1, 1947, it was decided that the medal should be exclusively awarded in gold of the 6th size. Earlier it occured in four sizes, three in gold and oen in silver. As part of the fraternal orders reform of 1973 it was decided by Riksdagen that the medal would be the only reward to be awarded for national government service.

The medal is minted in 23 karat gold and weighs 11 grams. The crown is made in 18 karat gold and weighs 3 grams, making the total weight 14 grams. The diameter is 27.5 millimeters (the 6th size according the the Berch's Scale). It is crowned with a royal crown and carries the portrait of the reigning monarch. The medal is worn on the left side of the chest in a 28 millimeter blue ribbon with yellow linings. The ribbon is straight for gentlemen and tied in a bow for ladies.

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